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VeganMofo Day 29: @VeganDivaCooks’ Butternut Bisque

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I am ridiculously happy entering the last days of VeganMoFo; I love writing about vegan food, but 30 straight days of it is a bit exhausting! Also, I’ve lost the “t” key on my keyboard after something sticky got under the key, so it might be time for a small break (the dangers of blogging while cooking!)

Tonight’s dish is another adventure from Mistress Ginger Cooks (@vegandivacooks)- specifically, her Brazen Butternut Bisque. This is a deceptive dish – simple to throw together (at least if you buy your butternut squash pre-chopped, as I do), yet so full of flavor. Also, it’s really pretty to look at, with its cheery golden color.


Mistress Ginger’s bisque makes use of plenty of butternut squash, pureed until creamy smooth, then garnished with sautéd shittake mushrooms revved up with Old Bay Seasoning (calling up that nostalgic bisque flavor). It also features a dazzling drizzle of paprika-laced toasted sesame-oil.

This dish is so creamy and silky, and it cements my love of shittake mushrooms with their chewy, squishy tops. It’s rich and warming, perfect for a rainy evening – Mistress Ginger obviously knows what she’s doing in the kitchen! Unfortunately I was unable to dress up in a Balenciaga gown while cooking this, per her suggestion, but we did serve this with toasted bread in order to soak up every drop – that’s just as good, right?


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