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What I Ate Wednesday: Mushroom Seitan Stroganoff

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After a very long day at work involving a 3-hour meeting, I only wanted to crawl home, curl up in a corner, and nosh on some comfort food. I also wanted to pretend that it’s fall, despite the thermometer screaming otherwise. So tonight we had mushroom seitan stroganoff from Robin Robertson’s Vegan Planet. Vegan Planet is one of the first vegan cookbooks I owned, so whenever I make a recipe from it, there’s always a bit of nostalgia. (Note: There’s a new, updated version of this cookbook out this year, with over 50 new recipes. I am so jel, ya’ll.)

Made with quartered white mushrooms, bell pepper, onion, seared seitan strips, plenty of sweet Hungarian paprika, and homemade vegan sour cream, this stroganoff screams “home-cooking”. Okay, so it doesn’t scream anything (which is how I prefer my food), but it’s damn tasty, especially over pasta. The sour cream gives it a slightly tangy edge, but it’s stewy, mildly peppery goodness all the way.


I could eat this every day.

This “What I Ate” entry brought to you by the words “tired”, “fatigued”, and “argle-bargle”.


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