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What Vegans Eat: Soup Night



It’s been a dreary, rainy day here and the temperature dropped about 20 degrees (so, actually comfortable out). Of course, because it’s September and it’s supposed to be autumn (or nearly so – two more weeks!), I decided that the dreary rain and muddy yard is reason enough to make soup. Of course I was looking for comfort food, as well, since it’s been a Monday all around and a long day at work.

I wish I could take credit for this recipe, but I can not – this is Angela Liddon’s Broccoli & Cheeze Soup, only served in a giant family-sized bread bowl made from a large paesano loaf. It’s a soup stuffed full of broccoli, onions, celery, and potatoes, so very hearty and warming. Thanks to all the nutritional yeast, it has a wonderful tangy, cheesy flavor, and the pureed potatoes add a nice creaminess reminiscent of any milk-based cream soup. The tiny amounts of smoked paprika and cayenne give it a soft kick – but not enough to scare the kids away.

For serving, we just place the entire bowl in the middle of table, and everyone scoops out a little soup and takes some bread crusts for dipping in their individual bowls.  As the bowl empties everyone slowly tears apart the soup-soaked crust, until we’re all too stuffed to eat another bite.  One thing I particularly like about this recipe, as opposed to other vegan broccoli and cheese soups, is that the cheese sauce is made separately, with a bit reserved for drizzling over the top of each (or in our case, the) bowl. So even if I didn’t get around to devising my own recipe tonight, at least it makes for a pretty presentation.



2 thoughts on “What Vegans Eat: Soup Night

  1. i remember when i was young my mom and sister ordered soup bread bowls at disney land. my mom came home and tried to recreate the experience! soup is good on cold days!

  2. It is! Probably not very good for me, but very tasty!

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