Peas and Compassion

Cruelty-free crunchiness and shameless veg-elation.


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Welcome to Peas & Compassion, a blog dedicated to a love of all things vegan! Peas & Compassion is up and running to participate in the 2014 Vegan Month of Food (VeganMoFo) (unfortunately, too late for the sign-ups – but still following along!)

Things to expect here will include:

  • Fabulous vegan food (with appropriate food p0rn, of course!)
  • Fun and tasty recipes!
  • An exploration of vegan ethics (why Peas&Compassion is vegan!)
  • Tips on going veg (even just a little bit!)
  • Vegan cookbook, product, and food reviews
  • Vegan myth-busting (sorry, no big budget for explosions!)
  • Finding ways to help our animal friends
  • Learning how to save the Earth (or at least reduce our environmental impact)
  • Exploring the intersection of veganism and social justice!
  • Insights and discussion of all things vegan!

Here’s hoping for a fun and productive September! (And hey, if VeganMoFo goes well, Peas & Compassion may stick around longer… who knows?)


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